Jonathan Gaiser

Samsung 2016 Smart Hub

Samsung 2016 Smart Hub

The Samsung Smart TV is the world's leading smart television. The all new Samsung Smart Hub allows the users to access all of their content, easily, regardless of content source in one simple experience. This is the first Samsung interface that puts the user's content front and center by allowing content partners to publish user's content right on the home screen.

System Model

The system model allows the user to browse all of their content sources right on the home screen. As the user browses, they can see previews of their content appear above each source. The core design value that was originally proposed to take the user experience to the next level can now be seen in the media receiving great recognition and reviews.

Core user value from original design concept, created and pitched, summer 2015.

Core user value being promoted by 3rd party media after product release, 2016.

Press & Videos

Since being launched in the beginning of 2016, the new Smart TV user interface has received great reviews and promotion in the media. This can be seen in that media outlets that normally only write about picture & hardware quality are now focusing on the user experience, with great praise. In addition, this new interface has been the focus of several major promotional & prominent efforts by Samsung.

A feature video was created to showcase the new user interface and the value our team brought to the redesign.


Here are a few of the many media articles promoting the sucessful redesign of the Samsung Smart Hub:

Wall Street Journal


Tech Radar

Tom's Guide

PC Mag


The Verge

Design & Partner Guidelines

An important part of improving the quality of the new TV user interface involved sourcing new high quality assets from content partners. In addition, creating guidelines to clarify the design options for 3rd parties is crucial to communicating and reinforcing the quality of the home screen design.

Design Iteration

The process of refining the design involved creating and iterating the home screen design with input from many executives, designers, and partners. In the end, the design became more refined as it matured. These are a few examples of some of the alternative design explorations that were created throughout the design process.