Jonathan Gaiser

Samsung 2017 Projects

2017 Samsung Projects

Working to update and unify the design language between the Family Hub, Smart TV, and Smart View apps helps create a clean, user friendly appearance, and strengthens the value of each interface as a key branding touchpoint for Samsung.

2017 Smart TV & Smart View

Updating both the Smart TV and the Smart View mobile companion app for the television has helped clean up both interfaces and allows for some tasks that are better suited to take place on mobile within Smart View.

Smart View

Integrating content browsing directly into the Smart View application makes it easier than ever to find shows you love and want to watch on TV. The new feature additions within Smart View have been received with high acclaim by users and the media.

The Frame

Announced at CES 2017 was The Frame. This unique display blends into the decor within your home and won a 2017 CES Innovation Award. I have led the Visual Design team responsible for designing the interface for The Frame.

Family Hub

Lastly, Family Hub has received a major brush up with Family Hub 2.0. The visual design of the interface is consistent with the other Samsung home products to create a friendly, clean feeling within the home.