Jonathan Gaiser

Architectural Competitions


The objective of this competition was to create a museum of innovation and a conference center in an abandoned green-field in East England. The challenge was to reuse the green space in a sustainable way while creating a unique landmark capable of attracting visitors and diverse clientele to this large scale project.

Memorial Passage

This competition was to create a memorial for six firefighters lost in the line of duty. We wanted to create a large Richard Sera-esque passage way that would stretch out over the lake. This massive corten steel wall would be engraved with the a tribute to each person in order to create a space for remberence.

Reflecting Cloud, Sunken Garden

This 911 memorial competition was situated on a small site in Manhattan Beach, California. The request was to create a memorial space on this site utilizing two beams from the World Trade Center wreckage. Our proposal was to float a bridge over a sunken garden. The bridge would support large glass boxes that would be used to preserve the beams as well as creating space to engrave names and memories of those lost on September 11th.

Urban Habitats

For this low-income urban house development competition, we wanted to create a super clean modern interior as well as a spacious and park-like exterior using low cost materials and common construction techniques.

Shed Competition

For our prize-winning entry in the small shed competition, we created a clean yet modern design. The requirement was to design a small shed that could be completely constructed from off the shelf components from Home Depot with a tiny budget. The purpose of this competition was to stimulate creative design ideas for Habitat for Humanity that could increase their value while keeping cost low.