Jonathan Gaiser

Sony Monolithic TV Interface

Sony Bravia Monolithic TV User Interface

The Sony Bravia Monolithic TV is an award winning design that was created at the begging of the transition of the television into an internet connected device. As the television becomes a platform for more services, new design challenges arise. Several key projects were created during this transition; Favorites Media Aggregator, Monolithic Cross Media Bar, Yahoo! Widgets, and Bravia Internet Video Link.


Favorites allows users to store a custom list of the media, inputs, and devices. The interface design for Favorites required intese 3D and motion graphics study, in addition to working closely with the software engineers.

Cross Media Bar

The Cross Media Bar acts as the central home menu for the Monolithic TV. This elegant design uses an animated, glowing focus and feathered menu edges to compliment the industrial design.

Yahoo! Widgets

Widgets provide an overlay to allow users to quickly access information that displays as a content overlay.

Bravia Internet Video Link

BIVL enables users to stream internet video and music contents straight to their living room..