Jonathan Gaiser

No Good Television

Motion Graphics

NGTV's all-original content programming required the creation of extensive motion graphics packages. While working in the Art Department, I created and animated many designs. Often times, this required close collaboration with other artists, specialists, and the editing department to provide high quality assets for cutting the shows together.

NGTV Extra Spot: Transitions

Inside the Actress: Show Opening Title

Strobe: Show Opening Title


No Good TV was a continuous excercise in branding. As a Beverly Hills, Hollywood oriented web-tv startup, creating and maintaining a high quality, professional image was key for NGTV. The following promo video was created to introduce the various hosts of NGTV's original content programming.

Bug Spin

This updated "Bug" loop was created to improve the quality of the NGTV brand. The Bug is a key element that is used as a watermark to brand content as well as for transitions and intros / outros.

Acceptable Uses: Pilot Cartoon

Visual Effects

Many complex and intricate visual effects shots were created by the in house art department. For four years, I worked in the art department creating visual effects, motion graphics and branding concepts and assets. The last of these four years I worked as the Art Department Supervisor / Visual Effects Supervisor to bring to life various visions for the company. The following piece is the showreel from my time at No Good Television.

Hoop T Vision Tag

This 3 second tag was created and placed at the beginning of content to mark it as having been created with the fictional technology "Hoop T Vision." I created and animated the title in Maya and composited it in after effects.