Jonathan Gaiser

Mat // Potato // Slug

Structural Variations

The Center for Ornithology, Skate Shop, and SLUG House are three variations of a common structural theme. In each cases a quasi-solid space frame structure was used as a starting point. Each structure was then modulated diferently for each project in order to accommodate program, space, and function for each building. The repeating modular pattern affords a different level of variability for each case, which results in a different architecture for each building.

Skate Shop: Mat

Skate Shop was the first of three studies on organizing the architecture of a building through the stretching, pushing, and pulling of an otherwise regular three dimensional space frame grid. Through these tectonic explorations, I was interested in seeing how far the grid could be stretch and what affordances could be created in the process.

In this first project, the space frame started out as a solid mat, which was lifted in the center to open up usable space below, and then split to create pockets of light in the roof.

Center for Ornithology: Potato

In the second exploration, Center for Ornithology, the space frame began as a solid block. The distances within the grid system were stretched open from the center to leave room for pockets of space which could then be used for architectural infill. The scales and shapes of the spaces were determined by the programmatic requirements.

Slug House

In the final study, SLUG House , the space frame was wrapped into a barrel-shape. This barrel was then transformed to create parking, an entry, and to accomodate the necessary spaces for home living.