Jonathan Gaiser

Sony Animations and Demos

Animated Demos

Throughout my interaction design work with Sony, it has been necessary to create many short motion graphics pieces and animated prototypes. These animations and prototypes serve many functions for each project, such as getting approvals from management, demonstrating concepts to other team members, communicating design requirements to engineering, or even for final asset creation to be used directly within the software.

Sony Reader Demo Animation

Sony TV UI Concept

Concept Videos

These videos were created as concept and mood studies. They were used to seed creativity and explore possible directions for the future development of Sony user inteface design.

Sony Mobile Concept Animation

Graphical UI Concept Animations


Front-end prototyping can be an extremely effective way of bridging the communication gap between designers and software engineers. I have utilized many platforms to create interactive prototypes, such as Objective C, Processing, and HTML.

Sony Reader Layout Communication Tool (Processing App)

Sony Reader Front End Mobile Prototype (Objective C)