Jonathan Gaiser

UCLA Studios

Sunset Library and Community Center

This project required the design of a large library and community center located in a busy part of Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. My strategy for the design of the library was to increase the surface are of the building facade using a fractal technique. Then, by cladding the building in variable-tint paneling, the exterior and interior building surfaces could become activated as a large interactive display. This display could be useful for many programmatic functions, such as, way finding, advertising, learning, and illumination

Tatekoshi Station

This large scale urban development project required the design of a complex mixed use program near a busy train station in Japan. This project involved an exchange program with students from the Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan.

Tohoku University Exchange Workshop

In coordination with the Tatekoshi Station project, we spent two weeks in Sendai at Tohoku University with the Japanese exchange students. While there, we participated in a two week workshop to develop a small residence.

Site Studio

The focus of this studio was to develop a complex hill side lot. This studio introduced many concepts of site design.


These are a few images of work from my first year of study at UCLA in the Masters of Architecture program.