Jonathan Gaiser

UCLA Technology Seminars


This project involved experimentation with the design and manufacture of intricate PTFE surfaces. Our group focused on studying the type of pockets of space and interlocking joints that could be created by layering surfaces out from the center. The surfaces were modeled in 3D then produced by CNC milling foam, which was then vacuum formed with plastic.


Like Ravioli this project involved studying contemporary manufacturing techniques for producing surfaces and volumes, such as CNC milling and vacuum forming plastic. For this project, architectural functions needed to be accomodated within a slim, tall building space.

The project started by analyzing and modeling a single module of a triply-periodic, minimal surface. This is a minimal surface which can be tiled in three dimensions.

Tom Bradley International Terminal

This research project focused on using 3D modeling and animation techniques to explore and interactive and animated building awning to be placed at the entry to the Tom Bradley international airport terminal at Los Angeles International airport.

Tom Bradley Animation

Design Boards